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1. Go to Menu > Bot (beta) > Select your Wa. Number > Add New Bot

Please select the sender number to install the autoresponder (bot) for the explanation type as follows:

-Exact Match = bot will reply if your customer sends a message with the exact same words without any other attribute, for example:
--keyword (exact match): 'hi bot'
--response: 'heellooo there, anything we can help?'
with this settings then when your customer sends a message "Haalooo bot" or "Haihai bot" or "hi bot click2wasap", the response will not works, it will only works if the incoming message match exactly "hi bot".

-Start With = bot will reply if your customer sends a message whose letters begin with keywords that you set even if they are not exactly the same, for example:
--keyword (start with): 'price'
--response: 'click2wasap costs only RM49/month'
with this settings, then when your customer writes the message "price please?", even though he does not exact match (not exactly the same as the keyword) but because the sentence starts with the word 'price' then the response will continue to run, and only if the keyword is up front, if the message arrives "what is the price?" or "give the price list please" then the response will not works because the 'price' keyword is not in front.

-Contain: bot will reply if your customer sends a message that contains certain keywords according to the settings no matter the position is, in front, middle, or at the end of sentences, and also doesn't have to be exactly match the keyword, for example:
--keyword (contain) = 'discount'
--response = 'for you, I can give you a 30% discount but only until 10:00 this morning'
with this settings, then when your customer writes "Discounting available?" or "do you have discount program?" or "give me a discount!", the bot will still give a response because all sentences contain an element of 'discount' even not exact match and also not start with it at front.

2. After setting the sender, type, keyword and response, please click the "Create Bot" button:

3. After your dashboard refreshes automatically, then you will return to the dashboard page, please select WhatsApp sender number that was set earlier and click Get Bots

4. If you want to edit your bot, click on Edit and Save Changes after changed have been made

You can immediately do a trial by sending messages according to keywords to that number

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1. Make an excel file contain WhatsApp list number followed by variable you want, then save as an excel file (.xlsx), MAKE SURE WRITE THE NUMBER STARTED WITH COUNTRY CODE, this is the example of the excel format:

Actually the first line ([no_wa], [var1], etc.) does not need to be written, but to facilitate the explanation we write it like that.

2. Next, convert the format (.xlsx) to (.csv), for simplest way please search on Google with keywords "Convert excel to CSV online", we take the example of using Convertio.co with the following steps:

Select the file that was saved on your computer,

after that, please make sure everything is correct then click "Convert" and wait for loading to finish,

please click the "Download" button,

3. Next, please go to the broadcast tab menu on the click2wasap dashboard, then upload the CSV file earlier:

after selecting the file then wait for the "Success" notification to appear like this:

if you click "OK" then the page will reload automatically and a display like this will appear:

4. The next step is to create a broadcast message template, there are two elements that need attention:
- spintext, group of words which have similar meanings (synonyms) separated by "|" which aims to do spin / random words so that the template sent to number A is not identical to the one sent to numbers B and C and D and so on, the example of the application is as follows, "{Hello|Good morning|Hi} my customer", when you do the broadcast it will bring up variations:
a) Hello my customer
b) Good morning my customer
c) Hi my customer

- variables, we can call data in the contact list using variables by writing "[varx]", x is the order of variables from left to right after the variable [no_wa], for example:
then when we write [no_wa] in the broadcast template, it will appear 60123456789, when writing [var1] then it will appear Ahmad, [var2] t-shirt, and [var3] RM40.

The purpose of the two elements above (spintext and variables), are to reduce the risk of whatsapp numbers been banned 'cause of broadcasts activity, because one of banned number's main reason is the number send bulk identical messages in the same time.

Then the example of writing a broadcast template is as follows:

5. When everything is ready, make sure you select the sender number that has the status phone_online (already scanned qr code), then select which list will be sent or you can also directly select all list, then click "Send All":

after that you'll see each status for every number will change to "Message Sent" like this:


The messages will be sent with a random interval between 1-30 seconds by the click2wasap system to avoid being detected as a robot, we don't concern about speed here, instead the security of your WA number is more important.

That's all and thank you :)

1. Sediakan list nombor WhatsApp dalam excel beserta variabel yang diinginkan kemudian save sebagai file excel (.xlsx), PASTIKAN NOMBOR DIMULAI DENGAN KODE NEGARA, contoh formatnya adalah seperti berikut:

Sebenarnya baris pertama ( [no_wa], [var1], dsb ) tidak perlu ditulis namun untuk memudahkan penjelasan maka kami membuat contoh seperti dalam gambar.

2. Kemudian, tukarkan format (.xlsx) menjadi (.csv), sila search di Google "Convert excel to CSV online", kami beri contoh menggunakan Convertio.co dengan langkah berikut:

Pilih file yang sudah di save di komputer Anda,

Kemudian, sila pastikan semua detail adalah betul dan klik "Convert" dan tunggu loading selesai,

sila klik butang "Download",

3. Kemudian Sila ke menu broadcast di dashboard Click2Wasap, dan upload file CSV tadi:

setelah memilih file sila tunggu sampai muncul notifikasi "Success" seperti ini:

jika Anda klik "OK" maka halaman akan melakukan reload secara auto dan akan keluar paparan seperti ini:

4. Langkah seterusnya adalah membuat template mesej broadcast, ada dua perkara yang perlu dititberatkan:
- spintext, perkataan sama makna (sinonim) yang diasingkan oleh tanda "|" yang bertujuan untuk melakukan spin/random supaya template yang dihantar ke nombor A tidak sama dengan yang mesej dihantar ke nombor B,C,D dan seterusnya, contohnya seperti berikut:

"{hello|selamat pagi|hai} pelanggan" ketika broadcast akan menunjukkan variasi:
a) hello pelanggan
b) selamat pagi pelanggan
c) hai pelanggan

-variable, kita dapat memanggil data di dalam contact list menggunakan variable dengan menaip "[varx]", x adalah urutan variable dari kiri ke kanan setelah variable [no_wa], contohnya:
Maka apabila kita menulis [no_wa] di template broadcast, yang akan muncul adalah 0123456789, ketika menulis [var1] maka yang akan muncul Ahmad, [var2] t-shirt, dan [var3] RM40.

Tujuan 2 elemen diatas iaitu spintext dan variable adalah untuk mengurangkan risiko nombor WhatsApp diblok ketika broadcast, kerana salah satu sebab utama nombor diblok adalah penghantaran mesej secara bulk yang kandungannya hampir 100% sama.

Maka contoh penulisan template broadcast adalah sebagai berikut:

5. Apabila semuanya selesai, pastikan anda memilih nombor WhatsApp yang telah berstatus phone_online (sudah scan qr code), kemudian pilih list yang akan dihantar atau boleh pilih kesemuanya, dan klik "Send All":

setelah itu satu per satu list nombor akan berubah statusnya menjadi "message sent" seperti ini:


Mesej akan dihantar dengan sela masa antara 1-30 saat secara random oleh sistem Click2Wasap bagi mengelakkan dianggap sebagai robot, kami tidak mementingkan kecepatan, tetapi keselamatan nombor WhatsApp Anda lebih utama.

Sekian, terima kasih :)